Reopening: Dental Office Changes to Comply with the Precaution Rules and Guidelines of “New Normal”

Staying and keeping safe is our main priority in this new environment, surely huge adjustment and changes has been made prior reopening. Lets keep in mind that, even though the numbers are falling, and the curve is flattening in many places, we do not become complacent. There are too many people out there that have stopped social distancing, stopped wearing masks in public places, stopped wearing gloves or sanitizing or washing their hands regularly. It’s when we become complacent that the virus surges. Even here in my city of Scarborough, the number of cases is rising. It is up to us to continue flattening the curve, and therefore, changes are being made to dental offices around the country as a way to keep staff, patients, and dentists healthy and safe.

1. New PPE Fee guide codes These fees offset the cost of PPE, Dental Associations all over the country are providing new PPE codes for these fees, it is up to the dentist if they want to charge these fees to their patients. Your next trip to the dentist’s office could be more costly. There is an increased need for PPE by our entire team that’s resulted from COVID-19. In addition there’s a general shortage of PPE accross the country.

2. Minimizing touchpoints fees Minimizing touchpoints is one of the important goal now of our office. We have remove the magazine, toys and other non-essential items from our waiting area.

-Switching from using paper charts to going digital to eliminate passing those paper charts around from receptionist to dentist back to the cabinet, etc.

-Going from printing a receipt for the patient to emailing the receipt.

-NO waiting area, patient must wait in the building lobby. Only a patient are alllowed inside the clinic.

Anything that reduces interaction with hard surfaces is a must in this new world. Anything that reduces interaction with hard surfaces is a must in this new world. Anything that reduces interaction with hard surfaces is a must in this new world. 

3. Changes in the way you communicate (with patients). The way we communicate with our patients and potential patients are matters in this new world. Our receptionist are always busy answering the phone, for some reason caller cant get ahold our frontdesk personel, We encourage to use our email ( as means of communication. We are not accepting WALK-IN patients, Please call or email to book an appointment.

Our new normal isn’t going to change any time soon, so these changes, though drastic, are crucial to keeping patients and staff, as safe and healthy as possible. Keep in mind that, in addition to these changes, the rules we’ve been living by for months still apply, including maintaining a six-foot distance when possible, and washing your hands regularly. If we stick to the plan set out for us and stay united in what we must do for ourselves and others, we will get through this. We do not want to become complacent and let our guard down, not yet. We have a ways to go, but with patience and perseverance, we will make it through this. Together.