White Fillings

What are White Fillings?

In dentistry, white fillings (also known as dental composite) are white resins used to fill cavities (permanently damaged areas on the teeth’s enamel). They resemble small holes or openings that develop over time due to several factors.

As the name suggests, white fillings are white (tooth-colored) and are meant to fill cavities and blend with the rest of the teeth. The fillings are made using composite resin (a blend of fillers like dimethylglyoxime and silica and plastics), which bond firmly on the tooth’s surface.

Dental Conditions  We Treat with White Fillings

We recommend white fillings to patients who have cavities or tooth decay and wish for an inconspicuous and safe treatment.

Causes of Cavities

From our vast experience, cavities develop over time due to; 

  • Bacteria present in the mouth
  • Sugary drinks and snacks
  • Poor dental care
  • Age and genetics

Pros of White Fillings

Our white fillings dental service in Scarborough, Toronto offers three notable pros;


1. Invisible fillings:

Traditionally, fillings have been noticeable as dark spots on the tooth’s surface. Our white fillings resemble natural teeth in color, making them unnoticeable.


2. Safer:

White fillings have traditionally been made from dental cements, which are largely safe synthetic insoluble materials. Our white fillings are composed of a blend of fillers like dimethylglyoxime and silica and plastics, which are safer than traditional fillings that contain mercury (a neurotoxin).


3. Restores teeth:

Since white fillings attach to the teeth firmly and blend with the teeth’s color, they are perfect for restoring the shape of worn teeth or chipped teeth, an option that may not be possible with silver fillings.


4. Lower sensitivity:

Unlike silver amalgam fillings, white fillings don’t contain metals that are sensitive to temperature variations. Cold or hot food and drinks won’t cause unpleasant sensitivity.

FAQs About Our White Fillings Services

Who Are White Fillings For?

Our ideal candidates for white fillings are:

  • Everyone (adults and children) with a decayed tooth/teeth
  • People who want an inconspicuous/invisible alternative to traditional fillings
  • People who want safe dental fillings free of mercury, silver, and other metals linked to health problems.
  • Metal fillings can leach into the bloodstream over time.

How Long Do White Fillings Last?

Properly installed white fillings will last up to a decade, depending on several factors. With proper maintenance and observing the recommended dietary precautions, our white fillings last longer than average.

We recommend foods good for your teeth, proper dental hygiene, and a yearly cleaning to prolong the lifespan of our white fillings. However, we can remove and replace old fillings if need be.

Cost of White Fillings in Scarborough Toronto

Our prices depend on the size of the treatment area, the time taken to complete the treatment, and other dental procedures that may be done before the fillings. However, our services are cost-effective, and we accept most insurance plans. Contact us to get a white fillings quote.

Whether you wish to replace silver fillings with composite fillings or you have a cavity that needs to
be filled, Town Centre Dental Clinic is here for you. Our team of experienced dental professionals is waiting to offer a safer and more aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal fillings.

Book an appointment today by calling 416-296-1717, or email us at hello@towncentredentalclinic.com to find out more about white fillings in Scarborough, Toronto. Explore our other dental services in Scarborough here.